Learning About Autism is place to share information, experiences, ideas and tips on how to teach children with autism.

In this site, you will find articles and blogs on various topics regarding the autism spectrum disorder.  We will cover topics such as what causes autism, the early signs of autism,  to the multitude of therapies and treatments for autism.

We believe in sharing pertinent information from our experiences, for what has worked for us, stories that inspired us, and tools that helped with smoother learning experiences for our children.

Learning About Autism recommends books related to autism in both non-fiction and fiction.  We believe in research-based behavioral interventions for treating children with autism.  We suggest various products for teaching as well as products that have been effective with sensory integration.

We believe it takes a village to raise a child.  Well, here we have the World Wide Web to extend each of our little villages that we live in.  Let’s put our minds and expertise together and come up with solutions, to be proactive in supporting the children.

Under Armour for Sensory Input

Under Armour, also called rash guards, rashies, or a surf shirt, is something you want to try if your child seeks out proprioceptive opportunities such as tickles, hugs, and/or any kind of pressure that squeezes the body. Under Armour is a tight fitting sports shirt that is worn to help regulate body temperature and dryness. …

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